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Worldwide sales of Superoxide Dismutase for a multitude of applications, very small doses for your products and maximum guarantee of quality.

We produce & distribute worldwide the most concentrated SOD source.

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Uses for TetraSOD® and TetraSOD® Extract

TetraSOD®, with its proprietary formulation, is one of the most powerful antioxidant food supplements and has the highest source of SOD (>30,000 IU per gram).

This allows you to use a smaller dose in your formulations while achieving the highest antioxidant capacity.

In addition, TetraSOD® is a healthy functional ingredient with the most balanced nutritional composition. Contains the three antioxidant enzymes (SOD, glutathione peroxidase and catalase) that prevent oxidative stress.

Furthermore, our formula includes: essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and natural pigment.

If you want to add value to your food supplement, do not hesitate to trust us as your official distributor of superoxide dismutase.

Antioxidant enzymes such as superoxide dismutase have shown a greater protective and rejuvenating power, of our body, than classic antioxidants.

Therefore, more and more pharmaceutical laboratories need large amounts of high purity SOD to prepare their formulations.

Its great activity as an antioxidant source allows you to include very low doses of TetraSOD® in your pharmaceutical formulations while increasing antioxidant capacity.

In addition, it is a totally natural product, of sustainable production, gluten free and GMO free.


wholesale superoxide dismutase for food industry

SOD large-scale sale for cosmetic industry



The need for a reliable product and distributor of superoxide dismutase is increasing in the sector of creams, personal care products and the cosmetic industry.

The antioxidant components of TetraSOD®, especially superoxide dismutase, have shown great results in many types of cosmetic products focused on the care and increase of skin elasticity, hydration, regeneration and the fight against irritation or skin aging.

It is currently the most attractive way to add value to your brand and increase the antioxidant properties of your cosmetic products, in a natural and scientifically backed way.

With us you will have as an ally a manufacturer and distributor of SOD of the highest quality to receive superoxide dismutase on a large scale in the times that your production needs.

Our company is not only capable of large-scale manufacturing and distribution of SOD wordlwide. In addition, our product has great activity and purity and is indicated for any type of consumer product.

TetraSOD®  Sales worldwide

After an intensively work for 15 years in the searching of active marine ingredients, our scientific and R&D team has discovered an exclusive strain with the highest antioxidant bioactivity directed to maintain a healthy ageing, boosting the heathy oxidative stress protection mechanisms.

From our production plant in Spain we cultivate phytoplankton and obtain the powerful superoxide dismutase (TetraSOD®). The highest quality for our customers around the world.

We manufacture and distribute SOD on a large-scale worldwide and much more

map of superoxide dismutase distributors worldwide
CountryLocal DistributorWeb
Austria 🇦🇹Vivatis
Brazil 🇧🇷
Belgium 🇧🇪Lithos
Canada 🇨🇦Lonza **
Chile 🇨🇱
France 🇫🇷LC
Germany 🇩🇪Vivatis
Israel 🇮🇱Bador
Indonesia 🇮🇩
Japan 🇯🇵
Luxembourg 🇱🇺Lithos
Malasia 🇲🇾Sky
Netherlands 🇳🇱Lithos
Russia 🇷🇺
Singapore 🇸🇬Sky
Spain 🇪🇸
Poland 🇵🇱Nortrade
Portugal 🇵🇹
Thailand 🇹🇭Unify
Ukraine 🇺🇦
USA 🇺🇸Lonza **
United Kingdom 🇬🇧


** Under brand name Oceanix®

If you cannot find a distributor in your region, please contact us at or our sales department:

  • North America
  • Central and south America
  • Europe
  • Asia & Oceania
  • Spain

North and Central America

USA, Canada and Mexico, in addition to other countries in Central America, have a long history in the development and manufacture of food supplements, pharmaceutical formulations or cosmetic products aimed at improving well-being.

For this reason, TetraSOD® is having a great reception in the wholesale market of Central & North America. Our clients look for the maximum quality of SOD, a stable production and adequate delivery times to their production.

Contact our international sales department to start adding value versus your competitors.

South America

With a consumer industry increasingly focused on bio-sustainable products with health properties, South America is an expanding market with great growth potential.

Countries like Brazil, Argentina or Colombia increasingly demand natural ingredients with a high activity, such as SOD, to add value to their consumer products.

More and more manufacturers in South America need a high-quality wholesale distributor of superoxide dismutase. Contact us and we can meet all your needs.


Many countries of the UE as well as United Kingdom, Switzerland or Norway have a powerful industry dedicated to the manufacture of products with antioxidant and regenerative properties.

TetraSOD® is currently sold wholesale in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Poland, Switzerland and Denmark. Fitoplancton Marino S.L. is one of the main players in the wholesale of superoxide dismutase in Europe.

If you are looking for the most active antioxidant ingredient on the market, contact our sales department.

Asia and Oceania

Superoxide dismutase is an increasingly used ingredient in nutritional products, cosmetics or pharmaceutical preparations. In countries like Japan, Australia, New Zealand, North Korea or China, the wholesale demand for SOD has grown a lot in recent years.

Our company has recently expanded its distribution chain to Asia and Oceania. The high antioxidant activity together with the low dose required are two of the aspects that our customers value the most.

In our international sales department we can handle any large-scale order.


We were born in Spain and here was our first testing ground to verify the full antioxidant potential of our SOD. Thus, we are currently the main wholesaler of superoxide dismutase in Spain.

Many of our clients in our country trust the quality of our product and our efficiency in adjusting to delivery times. If you are a Spanish company and you need TetraSOD®, contact us and start adding even more value to your products.

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