TetraSOD ghp award 2022

TetraSOD® Award 2022

As every year the GHP (Global Health & Pharma Magazine) has celebrated the International Life Science Awards 2022, and has awarded TetraSOD® as a unique natural ingredient.

The great health benefits of TetraSOD® together with its production process, framed in sustainable biotechnology, have allowed us to be awarded by one of the most prestigious international magazines in the sector.

TetraSOD® is honored at the International Life Sciences Awards 2022

When awarding the prize to TetraSOD® as a unique and beneficial natural ingredient for health, three fundamental aspects have been highlighted:

  1. Properties: The benefits of TetraSOD® on the cellular antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, hematological and metabolic/bioenergetic defense system, as well as on immune function.
  2. Production: TetraSOD® was also singled out for the award for its highly sustainable photobioreactor production system that respects the principles of green chemistry. This makes it possible to produce a compound that is highly beneficial to health without the use of GMOs.
  3. Clinical studies: The efforts made with TetraSOD® to prove all its health-promoting properties in clinical studies have also been valued. Thus, its beneficial effects have been validated in low but potent doses to promote antioxidant response, muscular endurance and immune system modulation.

TetraSOD® is at the forefront of microalgae innovation in relation to human nutrition, forging a sustainable green chemistry with a strategic preclinical and clinical research program, aiming to broaden the palette of bioactivities and health effects.

Expert evaluation of the award to TetraSOD®

TetraSOD® is the most complete and comprehensive ingredient for the anti-aging and healthy aging nutraceutical category.

In addition, it also offers athletes and individuals with active lifestyles a physiological boost in response to oxidative stress to aid performance and recovery, all in a small, concentrated dose.

SOD is the first essential enzyme in the antioxidant pathway, making it the first shield against oxidative stress. TetraSOD® is the most concentrated source of SOD on the market, with proven science-backed efficacy in activating the antioxidant response pathway in human cells.

Due to the high stability of TetraSOD®, it can be used for most nutraceutical applications and finished product formulations that are used to combat various health problems that are affected by cellular oxidative stress. Currently, TetraSOD® has important industrial/commercial applications and is one of the main superoxide dismutase wholesale compounds.

Another fundamental advantage of TetraSOD® is that a very small daily dose is needed to take advantage of all its benefits. Thus, with only 25 mg you get all its full-spectrum health benefits.


What are the Life Science Awards 2022?

The International Life Science Awards 2022, or Life Science Awards 2022, are annual awards that honor advances in the health industry and support environmentally friendly processes.

It is an independent awards organized by GHP magazine and brings together scientific leaders from different areas of health to reward the best annual advances in care, prevention and health treatments.

What is GHP?

GHP magazine, an international journal on health and pharmacy, acts as a platform for the exchange of information between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare specialists.

Due to its high growth in readership, in recent years GHP magazine has also aimed to give visibility to the latest developments, most promising innovations and leading companies in the medical and healthcare industries.

GHP currently has a circulation of over 100,000 copies worldwide and its website has received a total of 1,340,669 visits in the last year.