Alberto Cebollada Kremer: An Expert in Healthy Lifestyle

Alberto Cebollada Kremer is an enthusiast of sports, health and leading a lifestyle that promotes healthy aging. Here we will discover a little more about who Alberto Cebollada Kremer is and his opinion about TetraSOD®.

Alberto Cebollada Kremer and his couple

Who is Alberto Cebollada Kremer?

Alberto Cebollada Kremer was born on August 13, 1970 and is one of the Spanish athletes, coaches and trainers most involved in promoting a healthy lifestyle based on outdoor sports and healthy diet.

Since he was very young, sport has been one of his passions in addition to his commitment as a promoter and sports trainer. He is currently one of the leading experts on healthy aging.

Data of interest of Alberto Cebollada Kremer

  • City of birth: Tudela (Navarra, Spain)
  • Date of birth: August 13, 1970 (52 years old)
  • Studies: Sciences of physical activity and sports (University of León)
  • Place of work: Department of Education of the Government of Navarra
  • Marital status: Married
  • Social networks: Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin

Professional career of Alberto Cebollada Kremer

Sporting Successes

Among the most outstanding sporting successes of Alberto Cebollada Kremer we find his two victories in the Quadriathlon World Cup (2001 – Crocega and 2006 – Ibiza) and his second place in the World Championship in the Czech Republic. In this same discipline, Alberto Cebollada Kremer has also obtained important successes at a national level, winning the Spanish Championships in 2001, 2002 and 2003. Alberto Cebollada Kremer profesional successes His perseverance and discipline has allowed him to obtain great sporting successes past the 40-year-old barrier. As examples, highlighting the first place in the International Garmin Sprint in Barcelona in 2010, the 3rd place in the 2010 Cross Triathlon World Championship, the Spanish Trialon Cross Championship in 2012 and, recently, the 3rd place in the National Quadriathlon of Santoña in the elite category.

Professional trainer

Alberto Cebollada Kremer led a competitive swimming team for 13 years, from 1995 to 2008. During that time he trained more than 350 swimmers of different categories. Alberto Cebollada trainer The team led by Alberto Cebollada Kremer competed both at the provincial and national levels and even in international competitions. Alberto Cebollada is also a trainer for triathletes, athletes, cyclists and athletes of various levels.


Alberto Cebollada Kremer combines the practice of sport with his work as a teacher for the Government of Navarra (Spain) since 1999. He teaches a professional training cycle for technicians in conducting sports activities in the natural environment. His work focuses on educational modules where he combines health and sports practice in the natural environment (mountain biking, hiking, climbing, canoeing or water rescue). As a sports promoter, Alberto Cebollada Kremer collaborates in different magazines such as Sportlife y El Triatleta. He has also collaborated on two books: “Educar con sentido común” (“Educate with common sense”) by Javier Urra and “Tú también puedes ser runner” (“You can also be a runner”) by Begoña Beristaín.

Alberto Cebollada Kremer opinion about TetraSOD®

You know that when it comes to improving as an athlete (amateur or professional) there are no secrets: You have to train well, rest better, feed in a healthy and balanced way! However what you probably don’t know is how TetraSOD® can help you in this entire process? What is clear is that, being athletes, we are the ones who must take into account those foods with antioxidant effects due to the large amount of free radicals and oxidizing substances produced after the performance of an intense sports activity. Free radicals increase as a result of respiration, food metabolism, and shoot up in proportion to the level and duration of the effort. The inflammatory response also triggers in proportion to the amount and intensity of the impacts that our feet make on the ground during the foot race. Therefore, as athletes, we demand antioxidant products of natural origin that, as a curiosity, at least to date, most of them came from terrestrial plant extracts. At present, however, those obtained from microalgae, a source of health unknown to date for most runners, are gaining more and more attention, because of its nutritional and recovery value. opinion about TetraSOD by Alberto

According to Alberto Cebollada: How can TetraSOD® help you in your sports performance?

TetraSOD® is a natural supplement from Tetraselmis chuii microalgae, which is capable of activating the internal antioxidant defences to fight against oxidizing effects and inflammatory response that the tissues suffer after performing a long running run, from a series training or a competition. It is a new source of potent antioxidants, that provides up to 30 times more activity of the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) than other products on the market, the main protector of cells against harmful reactions and cell ageing. The consumption of TetraSOD® as food supplement by athletes for 1 month, in addition to the protective and preventive effects, achieved greater increases in haemoglobin and O2 consumption compared to the effects obtained with high-altitude or high intensity training for three months. Thus, if you take 1 capsule a day of TetraSOD®, in addition to taking advantage of its powerful antioxidant effects, you will be able to stop the inflammatory response, delay fatigue and combat oxidative stress which causes ageing.